About Yale-China Symposium

Yale Conference on Chinese Overseas Investment and Its Impacts is aiming to explore the relationship between China’s overseas corporate behavior and its potentials of  sustainability. We initially target on key commodities, which threaten priority places, including timber, biofuel, palm oil, cotton, metal, etc.  By asking how can we shift  we can those products into more sustainable practices, we can encourage Chinese companies to shift their products in a more sustainable way, or cooperate with NGOs to launch sustainable certifications or policies to encourage small holders to do sustainable production, or we can just focus on the largest companies with the most focus in the middle of supply chain to be great a list manufacturers traders and  banks to track with their sustainable marketing strategies. This year, we invited speakers from multiple sectors including NGOs, academic institutions and campaigns both China and U.S. based to discuss the current environmental and social impacts of Chinese overseas investment  and brainstorm the risk and opportunity of upcoming products and services.