Latin America: Brazil-China Soybean Trade and Rainforest Conservation

Speaker: Charles Tang, Chairman, China-Brazil Chamber of Commerce
Over the past decade, China has developed a powerful investment and trade presence in Latin America and the Caribbean. As part of this, China has displaced the European Union as the main destination of Brazilian soybean exports, with its market share rising from 15% in 2000 to 53% in 2009. This is likely to rise to 70-90% of soybean exports by 2020. In Charles Tang’s words, “America’s backyard is growing a Chinese garden.” With increasing demand exerting pressure on Brazilian land, a key question is how to incentivize local producers and Chinese investors toward better risk management and social responsibility. We will discuss this issue within the context of the soy moratorium, Forest Code, and other tools Brazil has at its disposal.


  1. 45-minute presentation
  2. 45-minute Q&A