Case Session 2: Energy, Urbanization & Development

Beyond posing global implications for curbing climate change, energy and power sector investments are also intimately intertwined with local narratives of urbanization and development, providing key sources of electricity and heat for growing built-up areas and industries. Another complicating factor is the ability of recipient countries’ electric grids to integrate new projects, especially cleaner energy investments that might be more intermittent than dirtier baseload energy sources. Cases in this session will focus on China’s involvement in coal and solar projects in Cambodia as well as environmental and debt sustainability along the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.


  • Erica Downs, Senior Research Scholar, Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia School of International and Public Affairs

  • Lili Pike, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Fellow, NYU Journalism Institute

  • Moderator: Narasimha Rao, Assistant Professor of Energy Systems, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies