Keynote Address I

Re-defining Chinese Energy and Infrastructure Investments in Recipient Countries: Opportunities and Challenges


A recent study by the United Nations Development Programme and Vivid Economics estimates that 52% of planned BRI investments in energy generation capacity are going to coal projects. Such investments pose serious social, environmental risks as well as potential financial risks of stranded assets. Carbon-intensive energy investments will ‘lock in’ the use of particular technologies for decades to come, and have the potential to massively impact the development pathways of recipient countries. Meanwhile, there are significant and ambitious renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure development targets contained in countries’ nationally determined contributions (NDCs). This presentation will explore opportunities to create the demand from recipient countries to Chinese financial institutions and state-owned enterprises for greater investment in low carbon energy. This holds enormous potential to initiate and accelerate green growth in BRI recipient countries and become a catalyst for climate-friendly development. In order to realize this, recipient country development strategies and regulations need to shift to create incentives for sustainable investments.


  • Athena Ronquillo-Ballesteros, Climate Finance Director, Asia, Growald Family Fund