Panel II: Climate & Energy Implications of Chinese Overseas Investment

This panel will explore the ramifications of Chinese overseas investment toward efforts to curb change, with a focus on energy and power sector infrastructure development. Topics will include how Chinese coal, solar and wind energy investments help and hinder climate change mitigation efforts, the paradox of how China’s overseas coal plants often perform comparatively better on emissions intensity and energy efficiency than those built by other countries, and the implications of China’s domestic energy transition for global oil and gas security in Central Asia and the Middle East.


  • Han Chen, Manager, Energy Policy, International Program, NRDC

  • Gawdat Bahgat, Professor of National Security Affairs, National Defense University

  • Cecilia Springer, Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Environment and Natural Resources and Science, Technology and Public Policy, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard Kennedy School

  • Moderator: Erica Downs, Columbia School of Public and International Affairs