Panel I: Mapping Key Actors and Issues of Chinese Overseas Investment

The symposium’s opening panel will identify major players involved in Chinsese overseas investment, including governments, financial institutions, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and recipient country communities, and as well as some of the environmental, social and other issues they must navigate. Among topics, presentations will delve into recent updates to China’s Belt and Road governance since the 2nd Belt and Road Forum in April 2019, the role of non-state actors and multi-stakeholder coalitions such as the Belt and Road Initiative International Green Development Coalition (BRIGC), and the case of how one Chinese-led financial institution – the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) – is trying to establish legitimacy and institutional buy-in among major stakeholders via its Environmental and Social Framework (ESF).


  • Jamie Horsley, Visiting Lecturer in Law and Senior Fellow in Law, Paul Tsai China Center, Yale University

  • Shuang Liu, Senior Associate, World Resources Institute (WRI)

  • Elizabeth Losos, Senior Fellow, Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions, Duke University

  • Adina Matisoff, PhD Candidate, Department of Geography, UCLA

  • Moderator: Athena Ronquillo-Ballesteros, Climate Finance Director, Asia, Growald Family Fund